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I'm going to change my clothes a few times . . .

A text I received recently: "Feel bad and also feel no desire to eat anything bad."

I can't think of anything to twitter. There are four cigarettes in the apartment. Rent will be due in a week.

Is there anything I can write that would be the same as a bird flying? Is there anything I can write that would give the reader the same feeling he would while watching a bird flying? How like a bird flying is any piece of writing? What piece of writing is the most like a bird flying?

The cat wants something. There's a glass of water. There are still four cigarettes, or five, or six.

A New York Magazine review of a bar I went to recently confirms what I thought.

My girlfriend smokes cigarettes. Later she says things like "Why did you let me smoke those cigarettes?" and "Ugh, I feel so polluted."

I google the word "proseca." I see it's spelled "prosecco." I look at the word "prosecco." Will I remember how to spell it? Prose. Two 'C's. O.

Zachary German.

Photo by Thomas Shelley.

Zachary German was born in 1988. He lives in Brooklyn, NY. His first novel, "Eat When You Feel Sad," will be released by Melville House in February 2010.


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