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Seven Poems . . .

the person next to me has been uncontrollably touching his hair for 15 minutes

my feeling of apathy is incredible

80-hour long sad facial expression

i believe that is a true representation of my feeling

i think people see my face and think i’m depressed

i read a story last night in front of my webcam but read the story only a little

then sat there, clicking things vacantly

i am satisfied with these lay’s original

i have stolen over six cigarettes from keith today

i have a small figure of hulk hogan, it clutches my lamp

i want to clutch my lamp

as i was typing a small piece of chip fell out of my mouth

it feels depressing

this poem was supposed to address something else

my voice intonation, represented in a poem, completes everything i wish to convey as myself

the immense destruction of the planet

i did that earlier, my poem about society is forthcoming


escaping myself is impossible; it is not possible


again i am not sure of my reason for writing a poem

people will disagree with this as a good reason to write a poem

i’m out of coffee

really bad

today i got four emails, one was from barnes and noble

i unsubscribed from barnes and noble

the other emails were something i don’t feel like describing, they were not emails that i feel like describing

i feel the need to type, ‘i’m listening to the windows media player’

i have a pervasive feeling of impending doom, it is associated with the layout of my blog

my friend is going to japan

i kind of want to expand the time which i can predict accurately

that makes me confused

i keep looking at the coffee cups on my table

i feel like my brain should understand more about this situation

my brain just keeps trying to process ‘coffee cups’

i have felt afraid of writing poetry

i have been listening to the same playlist on my headphones for over four hours, this is so good

my legs are functional

i have at my disposal over 200 gigabytes

today i sat on my bed and looked at myself in the mirror

yesterday i showered

this morning i took the bus

yesterday i felt confused

yesterday when i learned it was thursday i spent five minutes trying to verify that it was not thursday, that it was wednesday

i feel confused about how it is friday, i am afraid, i feel really confused about it being friday

seems bad


is it bad or good, how should i feel

Brandon Scott Gorrell.

Brandon Scott Gorrell is the author of DURING MY NERVOUS BREAKDOWN I WANT TO HAVE A BIOGRAPHER PRESENT (Muumuu House, 2009). His blog is here. He lives in Seattle.


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